School Year

Refuge Center

A safe haven for boys to find purpose and vision for life. We meet regularly with about 20 boys to assess their growth, to help them mature in their faith, and to provide discipleship in a family atmosphere.

Community Outreach

Is a group of ministries designed to provide spiritual, emotional and physical needs to the community at large.

Club 226

Train up a child in the way of the Lord and he shall not depart from it.”  (Proverbs 22:6).  Stirred Up does an after-school mentoring/tutoring program once a week.  Students are joined with an adult in a one-on-one relationship thus enhancing the success rate of that student.  There is also a hot meal served to all the kids involved.  The intimate bond that results is life-long for both the mentor and the student.  Bringing together the gifts within the body of Christ is what this program is essentially acting upon.  Both parties involved gain insight into one another’s life, thus widening their personal worldview.

Home Group

This core group of youth meets regularly in Darrell and Sarah’s house to fellowship, sing, share, and learn life skills. During these meetings, group members grow in their faith, assess how they are doing, and experience discipleship in a family atmosphere. This year, an average of four kids a week stayed with Darrell and Sarah overnight and twenty kids came to the house each night for dinner. The ministry provided three kids a month with a complete set of clothes. Live-in Accommodations – With parental consent, selected youth live for a time in the home of Darrell and Sarah and experience God’s blessing of family life. Plenty of food and love and teaching are served up in their home. Agape Arena – Area youth are invited to play basketball on the basketball court behind the Jones’ house (the Agape Arena). These games often serve as an entry point into ministry. Youth are encouraged to invite their friends to play a game and to meet Darrell and Sarah. The basketball teams and summer camp participants practice in the Arena.

Educational Outreach

Stirred Up Ministries works with students at the following area schools: Usher, CoanEast Lake, and Hooper Elementary Schools; McNair Junior High School; Crim, Southside, Harper-Archie, Therrell, South Atlanta, McNair, Columbia, Douglas and Decatur High Schools.

Educational Tutoring – Stirred Up Ministries has partnered with local congregations to build relationships between youth and adults who can help them with their schoolwork. Ten kids met nightly for tutoring at the Refuge Center, and another ten received personal, individual tutoring.

Salt and Light – This proposed program would consist of teams in six academic areas (math, English, science, etc.) who would work towards competing and winning competitions in their disciplines. The program would include devotionals and Bible study, with the goal of winning the kids for Christ.

On Purpose Group – this is going well we are now partner with Youth Life Urban ministry. I am now teaching James they ministry point person at McNair how to teach and run this class and the one at Southside is growing God way instead of adding we are losing kids but the boys that are still with us are growing in there walk with Christ and also there grades and attitudes in school has improved. They seem to have more hope for there life and I am now seeing a joy of the lord on them.  We took 1 set of the 30 college kids to H.O. Burgess Elementary School.

Helping Hands – what we did to help the school and the teacher this month. We were able to help the teach in teaching the children on how to read by taping them with the video cam and letting the see them self while they read and we used the bible and other Christian books in these great adventure, this was a great success. We was able to get two friends of the ministry to put on a valentine party the kids at the schools had a great time and this also open more doors for us in the schools.

99 Plus 1 – Darrell, Sarah and other people who work with Stirred Up visit youth who have gone on to college to encourage them and to help them in their discipleship. During the past year, they visited 59 students monthly at the following colleges and universities: Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College, Albany University, Atlanta Metropolitan University, Barber-Scotia University, Clayton College and State University, Columbus State University, Emory University, Fort Valley University, Georgia College, Gordon College, Mercer University, Middle Georgia College, South Georgia College, Savannah State College, Valdosta State University, and West Georgia University.   The ministry also ran a summer jobs program for students starting college.