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Darrell (Beloved)

“I am called to go into the dark places that no one wants to go” – Darrell

In 1995, while working for the state and also serving as a pastor of a metro Atlanta area church, Darrell saw how both systems that he was working with were failing “his children”. Being one that likes to be a part of the solution as well as heeding the voice of God, he began with delivering Thanksgiving baskets to the least of these, children and families who had come across his path whom he could give a blessing. Wishing to do and be more to the children that don’t have a “father” to look out for them, Stir it up ministries was born.

Darrell has experienced a number of ups and downs in his life. He does not meet any strangers, most especially children. His experiences allow him to see through the pain and reach the children in the most authentic manner possible and they share a deep connection. It is from this connection that he builds the children up and is able to meet them where they are, and as he always says “keep them focused” so that they can “make better choices to walk through the storms of life”. His goal for Stirred up is to make each life that is touched better. If you are ever out with him you will often see him interacting with children or young people that he sees. You may see him mimic the actions of a young child jumping in the aisle of a store or conversing with a young member of the waitstaff at a restaurant offering his assistance to help them reach their goals.

“I believe there is a God. I have been educated by several different methods, traditional school, lived experiences and the love of the Holy Spirit. It is through these things that I wish to make all that I come in contact with better.” Darrell says that at one point he thought that he had obsessive compulsive disorder because he is always cleaning. He took his concerns to God in prayer and heard God say “You don’t have an issue, you just want to always appear pure in front of Me.”

For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light.

Ephesians 5:8 (NIV)

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