Will You Help A Child This Summer?

Stirred-Up Ministries has provided a summer camp for select metro area students since 1993. The goal of our camp is to show each child that they are loved and to instill hope that comes from a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. While the camp is free for youth, each child needs a sponsor for the summer to make this happen!

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We as Christians often find ourselves struggling with doing what God calls us to do and staying the “cool” one. This song addresses just that.

During the summer months, Stirred Up has established a camp for selected students. This camp is free and transportation is provided via Baby Blue (our blue bus). The camp stresses the three main components of life. These include the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of our existence. Students are challenged each day according to the main component for the day. Monday has a focus towards spirituality with devotionals, prayer, scripture study and memorization, praise songs and daily applications. Students write and record their personalized praise songs to God with the help of WSTR. Tuesday has an academic focus. Students have a personal tutor who assists in math, English and science. Each curriculum has been set according to age and ability. Wednesday has a focus on the physical such as sports.

During this time, students are pushed physically through various exercises and activities. Students learn they can exert themselves beyond what they think they can accomplish. This carries over into their schoolwork and walk with Christ. Thursday is set aside for field trips around the city. The camp may go bowling, swimming or even to an amusement park. Each day has a focus but each component is addressed every day. The camp teaches the importance of the Body of Christ, teamwork and loving one another as Christ’s love requires. During this camp, students train their mind, body and spirit all at once. The disciplines of the faith become very important when your body is tired but one is called to carry out God’s work. All aspects go hand in hand, for if one is lacking then the whole temple (body) will perish.

Throughout the summer, weekend retreats are planned for students. This opportunity allows for students to experience the wondrous creation that God has provided while performing team building exercises, hiking, fishing and swimming. Students will gain much needed time away from the city learning the characteristics of God through nature. Mission groups from around the country are also involved in the camp. The groups assist in work projects, tutoring and discipleship. Enthusiasm for God’s word becomes primed via the “pump” of Stirred Up Ministries.

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