The Embassy at Robins Point

Stirred-Up Ministries, Inc., a local 501(c) 3 organization assisting metro area youth with education and Christian development, received a donation of 3 ½ acres of land in the DeKalb County area. This gift will help the organization build a safe house that will be named the “The Embassy,” which will assist children who are in need of support, investment, and healthy relationships.

The land that has been designated for “The Embassy” was donated by Darryl Pauldo, a philanthropist, will provide sports recreation and academic support. “This donation is vital to the vision of our organization. Our goal is always providing a place of refuge and safety for those who can’t advocate for themselves,” said, President and founder, Darrell Jones. “We want children to know that we invest in their spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being.”

How often have you had the chance to impact the life of another person? If you are given the opportunity, would you take it? Well, I’m writing to inform you of an opportunity for you to change the life of a child, take them off the streets and to provide a safe place for them as they develop and grow in educationally, physically, and spiritually. You can do this by contributing to the development of the Embassy at Robin Point, a refuge for children in the City of Atlanta.

Embassy at Robin Point will enable metro area youth to experience a change of environment and to develop new habits during their young lives. Embassy at Robin Point will provide a recreational haven for children with football and soccer fields, basketball courts, a running track and a community garden. On the grounds will be a facility that will provide tutoring support for children as well as Bible Studies and Christ centered counseling. The metro area youth targeted by Stirred-Up have little to no access to this type of facility in their neighborhoods.

The cost to begin the development of this facility will be approaching about $40,000.00 and donations of any amount are welcome; no amount is too big or small. We intend to develop the property in stages as follows:

Areas of Development Cost Start Dates
Land Clearing $6,000 February 2020
Community Garden $7,000 March 2020
Bee Hives $3,000 April 2020
Multi-Purpose Court and Stands $12,000 May/June 2020
Football/Soccer Field $2,000 May/June 2020
Walking Trail $1,500 May/June 2020
Miscellaneous $7,500 As Needed

Please prayerfully consider how you can help to bring forth the vision of “The Embassy” through your support.

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