Stirred-Up Needs

Our Needs

 As well, help with supporting the ongoing programs of Stirred-Up Ministries as we look forward to the coming summer program, school year and our programs in the schools of Atlanta!

In order for Stirred-Up Ministries to continue to grow we are asking for your prayers and support for…

  • Materials for building the Embassy,
  • Volunteers-Tutors (math)
  • New Mini Van,
  • New SUV 15 Sponsors for spring break break
  • 20 sponsors for the summer camp
  • Website helpers
  • Accounting service
  • Secretary
  • $5,000 / month in support
  • Volunteers to work with children in all areas
  • Volunteers to help students with reading, math, English
  • Volunteers to help with website, social media, and bookkeeping
  • School supplies
  • Backpacks
  • School clothes
  • Laptop computers for college students
  • Restocking the food pantry and freezer
  • Household repairs
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets and gifts
  • Vacation for Darrell and Sarah
  • Tutoring assistance
  • Sponsors for breakfast once a month for the On Purpose programs
  • Tickets for football (college and pro)
  • Study Bibles
  • Registration fees for SAT and ACT exams
  • Senior fees ($250/each includes cap, gown, yearbook, senior picture)
  • Easter clothes and baskets
  • Food
  • 15 Flags tickets
  • Weekend retreat locations
  • Service for ministry vehicles
  • Registration for Kids Cross America
  • Funding for sports camp
  • Interns and funding for intern salaries
  • Christian books (fiction and non-fiction)
  • We would like to start micro financing.  We need someone to help us get started. And last we would like to raise $7000. a month. By doing this we can stay in the black as we continue to help the youth of Atlanta.