Our Ministries

Our Ministry

Within each and every child is one primary need—to be loved by someone else.  Inner-city youth so desperately need to be loved.  They will never develop a sense of self-worth, will never explore the possibilities that the future might hold for them, unless they know that someone else loves them.  The forces threatening to extinguish the flames of hope in these young lives include single parent households, the lack healthy male role models, poverty, teenage and out-of-wedlock pregnancies, alcohol and drug use, and high drop-out rates within the school system.   With the odds stacked against them, they have had little reason to look to the future with much hope. Stirred Up Ministries’ mission is to walk with these youth and to show them through a personal relationship that they are loved, are worthy and have a reason to hope for the future.   Our ministry includes:

  • Establish a one-on-one relationship with each child through which we show that child the love that he or she can personally experience from a relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Ensure that each child has his or her basic needs met
  • Become involved in each child’s life, primarily through providing basic educational assistance
  • Provide structured outreach and events during which youth have the opportunity to receive spiritual guidance and to experience personal growth
  • Maintain relationships with youth accepted to college to ensure their continued walk with Christ

Stirred Up Ministries conveys its message of love through the following forms of outreach: